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Narcissus, Nemesis, You & Me.jpg
Narcissus, Nemesis, You and Me, 180 x 180cm, Digital Print on Lino, 2017 
Ancient Energy (small).jpg
Ancient Energy, 100 x 130cm, Digital Print on Paper, 2017 
Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 09.20.55.png
Little Things, Digital print on wallpaper, 150 x 220cm, 2017
These Things WIll Make You RIch.jpg
These Things Will Make You Rich, Digital print on paper, 110 x 160cm, 2017
Well it must be a ritual object.jpg
Totemic, (8 of a series) 40 x 220 cm, Digital print on banner plastic, 2017
Oh bloody hell! copy.jpg
Oh Bloody Hell!, digital print on silk, 330 x 219 cm, 2017
All our bones (correct size).jpg
All Our Bones, Digital Print on Paper (edition of 100), 30 x 42cm, 2017
Jellyfish Water.jpg
Jellyfish Water, Digital Print on linoleum, 180 x 180 cm,  2017
ULTIMATE DREADS, Digital Print 110 x 160cm, 2015
Phenomenon, View of 8 of the 10 works in the series, Digital Print, each 21 x 14cm, 2015

The Cult of Disco, Digital Print, 120 x 300cm, 2014

The Order of Things, Digital Print, 120 x 300cm, 2014

They Built on Sand, Digital Print, 109 x 167cm, 2012
Temple, Digital Print, 72 x 58cm, 2012
Failure, Digital Print, 37 x 28cm, 2012
After the Battle III, Digital Print, 42 x 33cm, 2012
Map II, Digital Print, 92 x 67 cm, 2012
THE END I, Digital Print, 19 x 25 cm, 2011
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